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Everything about Xiaomi Poco F4 GT: The All Rounder Phone

Everything about Xiaomi Poco F4 GT: The All Rounder Phone

Xiaomi's Poco sub-brand is known for giving high-spec devices at a cheaper price, such as the Poco F3 and Poco X4 Pro, and thankfully, it appears that trend is continuing with its latest release.

 The Xiaomi Phones sub-highest-spec brand's phone to date, the Poco F4 GT, is aimed at smartphone gamers. Poco argues that it isn't only a gaming phone but has a more restrained look than other gaming phones. The Poco F4 series has arrived, with the F4 GT being the first F GT phone to be released in Europe and the United Kingdom.

The trick here is Poco's alterations for the gaming community. First and foremost, this phone features triggers, making it ideal for shooters immediately. There's also a particular right-angle charger that makes it easier to play and charge RGB lights in the camera bump and special cooling technology to let any videogame enthusiast feel at ease.

Everything Xiaomi Poco F4 GT excels at, it excels at even more. Let's begin with the specifications. There's a Snapdragon 8 CPU, comparable to the most expensive Samsung phones at almost double the price, and two storage/ram configurations: 128GB/8GB and 256GB/12GB.

Here is everything you need to know about the Xiaomi Poco F4 GT.

Software & Apps

Poco has added granular game control in the form of Game Turbo, a standalone software. It allows you to customize hardware and software parameters for each game.

It's fantastic that the phone comes with Android 12, but Xiaomi's software design changes a lot and, in some cases, makes Android look more like iOS on purpose.

The software also offers a performance mode for dedicated players, which cranks everything up to 11 in the style of Spinal Tap.

Design & Build

The Xiaomi Poco F4 GT Phone's glass back, on the other hand, alludes to gaming prowess, with grey lines to break up the color and a lightning bolt for the camera flash that's equal parts sharp and cool on my black review model. The triple camera module has RGB light strips, but they only turn on while the phone is being charged, when playing a game, or when there are incoming calls or texts. 

The fingerprint sensor in the power button is superior for quick biometric unlocking and eliminating the need to fiddle with faulty in-screen sensors.

Pop-up trigger buttons on the right edge of the F4 GT are a massive gaming giveaway. When not in use, you turn them on by flicking adjacent physical switches, allowing the buttons to be flush with the sides.

Specs & Performance

Poco has access to the highest-spec Qualcomm chipset available for the handset. It all adds up to a phone with some of the least impressive specs of any Android flagship. It did exceptionally well in all areas, including games.

The LiquidCool 3.0 technology appears to have protected the phone from overheating when under stress. Poco built the phone to keep the battery charging unit and processor as far apart as possible and to cover each with vapor chambers to maximize cooling.


Although the triple-lens configuration here is above average, according to Poco's head of marketing, cameras are still not a priority for the company. The 64Mp f/1.9 Sony IMX686 primary sensor does much of the heavy lifting here, and images are clean and clear in favorable lighting.

Digital portrait mode is fun to explore because it typically yields pleasingly somber, contrasty photos. The software tends to oversaturate colors, and while there is an HDR setting, the dynamic range of the photographs isn't really impressive. Although the 8MP ultrawide camera is less powerful than the main camera, it does provide the option of capturing more in the picture when needed.

Poco's camera app is well-designed, with easy-to-use toggles and controls, and the video recording is surprisingly flexible. The main lens can shoot in 4K at 60fps, and a fun movie frame setting gives your shots a black letterbox look.

Screen & Speakers

A high refresh rate display is essential for gaming phones, and the F4 GT delivers with a 6.67in 20:9 AMOLED panel that supports 120Hz. It is highly responsive with a 480Hz touch sampling rate; app and menu animations operate smoothly, and games with high refresh rate settings function nicely.

The resolution has been kept at 1080p by Poco. You're quite demanding. The screen on the F4 GT is fantastic. It seems bright and clear enough for most indoor gaming. The quad speakers, which are situated on the top and bottom sides of the phone when held in landscape configuration to game with, are excellent. Due to the open design, the sound will not be muted when pressing the trigger buttons, grasping the phone, and covering the speaker grilles with your fingers.

Battery Life & Charging

With 120W connected fast charging capabilities, the Poco really shines when it comes to the battery. It's completely irrational. It took 20 minutes to charge the phone from zero to 100 percent.

Poco understands that you'll want to charge while gaming, so the USB-C cable is intelligently slanted in an L shape, plugging in and out at 90 degrees, allowing you to the game while holding the phone in landscape mode without a cable getting in the way.

What is the price of the Poco F4 Xiaomi phone buy?

The Poco F4 GT 5G is an emerging smartphone that offers a wonderful balance of usefulness and aesthetics. This lightweight, slim, and the attractive phone will be available in a variety of colors. The smartphone is packed with an Octa-core CPU, which would offer a speedier and lag-free performance while viewing videos, playing high graphics games, or browsing the web.

Poco has announced the price of the Poco F4 GT, which will be available in two models:

  • Approximately $520 for 8GB + 128GB
  • $628 for 12GB + 256GB

Is Poco F4 worth?

For the price, the Poco F4 GT features great hardware specs, including a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. It's a solid gaming phone that passes like an ordinary smartphone because of its conservative look, paired with impressively fast charging, trigger buttons, and game-boosting software features.

Benefits of buying Xiaomi Poco F4?

  • The physical mechanisms that cause retractions are fascinating.
  • It appears to be more austere than previous gaming gadgets.
  • There is a significant amount of brightness level.
  • The 120-hertz refresh rate
  • Flat-screen screens may be advantageous to gamers.
  • There will be no overheating.
  • The raw performance is fantastic.

The Final Verdict

Xiaomi has achieved its goal of creating a gaming phone that can also function as a 'regular' smartphone when not in use – something that is uncommon in the phone market but could be a sweet spot for many customers.

The design hints at a gamer aesthetic but is subtle enough that no one will really notice, but adds fun and useful touches like trigger buttons and cooling tech.

The screen and speakers are excellent, and while the battery life is unremarkable, the 120W charger included in the box is the fastest you can currently find on any globally available smartphone. It means you can fully charge the phone in just 20 minutes.

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