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Galaxy Buds Live R180 : Magical Beans

If asked to envision a pair of wireless earbuds, most people will actually have a reasonably clear idea of how they might look and how they are meant to work. A relatively small piece of kit that houses itself inside the ears, which is probably made of silicone or rubber to hold them with a bit of the tail sticking out like a small creature, sounds about right?

Samsung decided to go back to their drawing board for their new Galaxy Buds Live. The transformation is very unique when it comes to the shape and the fit of these Buds, nothing we’ve seen by the Korean giants or any other manufacturer for that matter.

Enter the magical bean shaped Galaxy Buds Live, the first thing that will come to mind after seeing them is beans. These shiny Buds Live do a very good job of resembling the kidney bean shape.

Upon holding a pair of the Galaxy Buds Live, the glossy and shiny exterior feels smooth, while extremely light at the same time. These Buds are supposed to nestle in the ear, thanks to its innovative and bean shaped design, which houses the speaker near the lower part of the Earbud, beaming the sound into the opening of the ear canal.

Samsung deliberately designed these Buds so they do not end up slithering into the ear canal, which allows for a far less intrusive experience, thus eliminating the almost claustrophobic feeling with the more traditional earbuds. They're not going to be sitting too deep in the ear canal; but you don't want them too far out, or you won't get enough bass from your headphones. The Buds Live come with two different wing tip sizes which allows the Buds to be secure on top part, once in place, the Buds Live feel comfortable, light and secure, even though the shiny shell may give the impression that they might be slippery.

As the Galaxy Buds Live are Samsung’s Flagship Earbuds, they are packed with other features too.

Noise-Cancelling, 3 microphones along with an additional voice pickup unit, speaker with a bass duct and a few sensors such as an accelerometer, IR, and a touch-capacitive sensor. All of the above spec makes for a rich set of features on Galaxy Buds.

Active Noise-Cancelling, this would have been a tricky step to achieve for Samsung, given that it is such a small device, and what makes it even more challenging is to get ANC, something Samsung developed for open type earbuds. According to Samsung this addition reduces low-band background noise under 700Hz, which includes buses and trains, up to 97% while still allowing you to hear announcements and other voices.

Call quality works really well on Buds Live. Using 3 microphones along with voice pickup unit uses accelerometer to sense jaw movement in order to convert that kinetic energy into voice signals via conduction of bone. This feature enables the receiver to hear better, even in noisy environments.

Samsung has introduced a multitude of features to maintain Buds Live paired and connected to your smartphone – all based on Bluetooth 5. To ensure a stable audio stream, the Galaxy Buds Live features Samsung's proprietary Scalable Codec, which protects audio from chopping by adjusting the bit rate to the strength of the Bluetooth communication. When the wireless connection is low, Scalable Codec automatically encodes audio information with a higher compression ratio, allowing earbuds to receive data without interruption.

The battery at full charge on the earbuds are projected to last around six hours, and the battery case can cover as many as two full charges, which means that you can expect almost 20 hours of playback with Buds Live. Better still, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live supports fast-charging, which can provide an hour of playtime with only five minutes of charging.

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