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Unraveling The Secrets of Unlocked Phones and How They Work

There is an extensive selection of smartphones available in the market. Each of them has unique features and settings. Sometimes, it’s too easy for us to get confused about some terminologies associated with mobile technology. One of the most confusing factors in differentiating mobile phones is their carrier setup.

If you’re on the market for unlocked phones, you must be curious about their benefits and how they work.

Let’s have a quick discussion on a few things you need to know about unlocked phones.

What Is An Unlocked Phone?

what is unlocked phones

An unlocked phone has the freedom to work on any mobile network carrier without restrictions. Meaning, you can switch providers whenever you need to, especially if you find a cheaper phone plan elsewhere.

If you compare it with locked phones, these mobile devices have an exclusive mobile network provider. You can only enjoy the services and packages offered by this mobile company. When the phone is unlocked, the deal changes completely.

Several mobile network companies install a system lock that prevents users from using their device with a different network carrier company. However, in some cases, you can have the phone unlocked upon the termination of the contract.

Unlike having locked phones, which ties you to a single network provider within the contract’s terms, buying unlocked phones from retail stores allows you to choose the mobile network provider you want to subscribe to. 

How Does It Work?

It’s quite simple: as indicated, the unlocked phone is no longer limited. Your unlocked smartphone can accept any SIM card from any carrier, which goes for any model or brand of the phone.

When buying a brand new smartphone with an unlocked feature, you have to take note of the descriptions indicated by the sellers. Ensure that the unit is either ‘fully-unlocked’ or ‘universally-unlocked’. 

Why buy an unlocked phone?

Buying an unlocked phone is has several benefits that will save you a ton of headache, such as:

  • Having the flexibility to switch between service providers
  • Avoiding restricting contracts with the mobile network carrier
  • It can establish secure connectivity when your travel internationally
  • There is a higher resale value if you ever decide to sell your phone

The only disadvantage of buying an unlocked phone is when you have to pay for the full price, although you can certainly arrange other payment methods through credit settlements.

Where To Buy Unlocked Phones

You can buy unlocked phones in almost any retail store. It’s practical to purchase mobile gadgets from large general distributors. They provide a wider variety of choices on smartphone brands and models, and you can take advantage of their promotional discounts and packages.

Right now, the fastest way to browse through the latest products in the market is by searching online. Online retail stores give you access to information on your preferred unlocked phone brand’s specifications and features.

Now that you already know the basics about unlocked phones and how they work, you can go ahead and buy a brand new smartphone and use it with the network carrier of your choice!

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