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The Pros and Cons of Xiaomi F2 Pro: A Review


With a growing market, the competition for high-tech gadgets like the Xiaomi F2 Pro is getting tighter. A lot of people usually look into buying an affordable phone but still has the best quality and features that they can experience. But this strategy may not be as ideal as many people think. The price alone does not guarantee a good quality product.

Xiaomi F2 Pro

The Xiaomi F2 Pro is one of the latest phone models manufactured by a very popular telecommunications giant in today's market. Let's get to know the incredible features of this smartphone, and we are also going to discuss its pros and cons to take a closer look.

When you are looking for a new product, there are some aspects you need to take into consideration before you make the purchase. You can't immediately opt for cheap and low-quality phones. The quality of the device is what makes it unique and special. Of course, the price is important, but the high-end features of the phone should also be at the forefront of your mind.


  • The Xiaomi F2 Pro has a massive battery capacity of 4500 mAh for longer usability in between charging.
  • The gadget has an optimized multi-touch display feature. It enables users to use their fingers to operate the keyboard and touchpad. This gives the user an enhanced experience.
  • It has a quad-cam feature located at the back of the phone, 64 MP f/1.9 for standard wide, 13 MP f/2.4 for ultrawide, 5 MP f/2.2 for telephoto, and 2 MP f/2.4 for DOF Portrait Blur.
  • The Super AMOLED screen display feature improves color and quality. The screen resolution is in Full HD with 1080 x 2400 megapixels.
  • For the storage, the device is rigged with 256GB memory and 8GB RAM.
  • The F2 Pro runs with Snapdragon 865, supported by 5g, the 5th generation of AI technology. 

xiaomi poco f2 pros cons


  • The Xiaomi F2 Pro is not equipped with the water-resistant feature, unlike most of the latest released smartphones.
  • There is no micro SD slot, so the memory storage cannot be extended.
  • The front camera doesn't have an LED flash, which can be a disadvantage for low-light rooms.
  • The device has no stereo speaker audio. It has to be connected to an external sound system for better quality.

Important Considerations

Two of the most important considerations in buying the Xiaomi F2 Pro are the dealer's warranty and after-sales service. Take note of the original warranty offered by the manufacturer. It will not do you any good to get a high-priced product if you are disappointed with the warranty. The after-sales customer service will be determined if you ever encounter any issues with the device.


Xiaomi is indeed an impressive brand of smartphone devices, and the F2 Pro is one of the best that they're recently released. You can choose from many companies that sell the latest Xiaomi devices in the market today. However, you should take some time and compare the features of different devices to find the best one.

To find more information about the advantages and disadvantages of the F2 Pro, read more customer reviews and feedback, which you can quickly find in retail stores online.

You can also check out the highlight features of Xiaomi F2 Pro here!

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