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Samsung A11: Entry Level’s Better Candidate


  • Samsung One UI Software Provides Plenty of Features
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor
  • Great Battery Life + USB Type C 2.0
  • Headphone Jack, Fingerprint + Face Recognition sensors


  • Camera struggles to match the rest of the spec
  • 2GB RAM Struggles somewhat
  • Shiny Plastic Back Cover isn’t to everyone’s taste

Samsung have been busy coming up with a plethora of phone models in 2020. The sub-$200 price range is a very competitive market and Samsung and other brands have been focusing on the Entry to midrange phones and have produced enough phones that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with them. Having said that, Samsung have been pretty good when it comes to Spec and the finished products.

A11 is another one of the newer additions to the A family in 2020. The A range that consists the very popular Galaxy phones such as A20s, A51, and A71 to name a few, has been a very successful story for Samsun since its inception back in 2014.

This review is based on a Factory Unlocked International Version model of the Samsung Galaxy A11, which can be purchased, with 2 Day Free Shipping and lowest price from here.

The Review:

The Galaxy A11 sits firmly at the entry level bracket of Samsung’s phone line up, alongside Galaxy A10s, and A01. The phone definitely makes some noise when it comes to spec and price.

The Galaxy A11 boasts Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 450 processor, a 6.4” (720x1560) PLS TFT display, Triple cameras, headphone jack, MicroSDXC dedicated slot to increase ROM, and a whooping 4000mAh Battery that makes this device a standout in the (very concentrated) entry level phones market with good spec and a great price tag.

As with all the entry level phones, the Galaxy A11 has a plastic exterior, with a glossy finish, which would have been far more attractive had Samsung opted for a Matte finish instead. Nonetheless, it does not feel or look bad, and it should be expected of the category phones.

The Galaxy A11 houses 3 rear cameras, as with most smartphones in today’s market, the main camera being a 13MP lens, a 5MP wide-angled lens, and a 2MP depth sensor. Adding a flash just to the right of the main lens completes the camera set, which are capable of taking decent enough shots given the right conditions, i.e. good lighting, though the Samsung image processing software can go a bit too far and produce unrealistic snaps.

The Galaxy A11 comes with Samsung’s custom version of the Android OS, also known as One UI 2.1, which means the software experience is somewhat similar to Samsung’s flagship phones such as the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note range, minus the features that require specific hardware. Nonetheless the transition should be seamless if you had a fairly recent Samsung phone.

The battery life on Galaxy A11 is outstanding, at 4000mAh, it should last a couple of days. Samsung went with the USB Type C 2.0 for this model, which was a pleasant surprise. Coupled with a fast charger, Samsung made some really good and important choices when it comes to power.

Final Thoughts:

The Galaxy A11 is a good contender for the entry level phone market, it packs a good enough spec to be taken seriously in the ever so concentrated entry level bracket.

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