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Samsung Galaxy A73: What You Need to Know

Samsung Galaxy A73: What You Need to Know

The Galaxy A73 5G is a powerful, fully featured mid-range 5G gadget. It is a great deal product for the people who thrive to get good storage as it comes with a 128 GB storage variant and 8 GB RAM. However, advantages over competitors include extensive software support and IP67 waterproofing. A73 5G is a full surprise package for you with great features and also comes with 3 colour options Gray, Mint and White. This one performs as expected in typical situations, unlike the Galaxy A53 5G. Even though the A73 continues to use the Snapdragon 778G for another year, it remains swift and fluid. The appealing display also contributes to its attractiveness, as does the superb camera performance. In addition, it offered RAM Plus, a virtual RAM technology that allowed the phone's RAM to be increased by up to 8GB.The Galaxy A73 ends up being an easy suggestion for someone looking for just a great Android phone.

Additionally, the phone has a stunning Super AMOLED display, a powerful chipset, and a strong battery to support all the technology. In addition, the Samsung Smartphone promises up to four generations of Android updates and five years of security patches, which is noteworthy, especially for a phone that doesn't cost as much as a flagship.
Enough with the phone's features and promises. Let's talk about how it performs in the real world in detail:


Software and Apps

The phone uses Android 12 and Samsung's One UI 4.1, which has a lag-free and fluid user experience. One UI excels in this area since it allows for seamless UI customization based on usage. If you want to use Bixby, you may even remap the side key to the power button. Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones make a very strong, even superior to Google's Pixel phones, Four updates for Android and five years of security updates are promised.


Design and build

The word continuity adequately describes the Galaxy A73 5G's design. The Samsung Galaxy A73 Reviews has the same aesthetics as the Galaxy A72 from the previous generation, with only the required updates and enhancements. For instance, the chassis sides are substantially more expansive, making it easier to handle and giving it a more finished appearance and feel.

In addition, the phone is proportional, which implies that there are no offsets or awkwardly placed camera housing on any of the front or rear sides. There is no slab-like feeling in the camera housing, located in the upper left corner of the device, and it appears carved out of the rear panel itself. The Samsung logo is located on the phone's bottom half, and the camera housing has four sensors, a flashlight, and other accessories.

Although it has a tall form factor, the location is good, and we never had any trouble getting to them. The opinions are also favorable. A speaker grille, USB Type-C port, and the primary microphone are located on the phone's bottom. The secondary microphone and SIM card slot are located on the top. When you purchase Samsung Galaxy Phones for Sale, you will get the Samsung logo on the bottom half of the phone, and the camera enclosure contains four sensors and lighting.

Similar-priced phones include the most recent Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Snapdragon 888 SoCs, which provide a significant performance boost and support the price. The A73 does not feel slow by any means, and it performs well; one UI has been optimized.

The phone appears robust, high-end, and worth the asking price overall.


Specifications and Performance

The phone is equipped with an 8GB RAM and Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G processor. There is also a choice of 128 or 256GB; however, even if there is just a difference of 2,500, the latter is only available in Awesome Mint.
There was no discernible lag during routine use of the 8/128GB model tested for this review.
The 778G, which is built on the TSMC 6nm node, is an excellent chip for mid-range 5G Unlocked Samsung Phones. It is a small drop from the 5nm-based Snapdragon 780G.

When linked to faster Wi-Fi networks, Wi-Fi 6 is supported, and the notification tray icons show this.



The camera of the Samsung Galaxy A73 Phone is one of its top features. The back of the smartphone has a quad camera system. However, the primary 108MP sensor is the main selling point both cameras have an identical arrangement for the other three sensors: a 12MP ultra wide, a 5MP macro, and a 5MP depth sensor.

Even pixel-binned photos, the 108MP sensor on the Galaxy A73 5G produces detailed, distinct, and sharp photographs. Additionally, the phone has a 108MP photography option with details enhancement mode, which uses software processing to enhance the overall detail of the photographs. The camera performs as expected, in our opinion. It produces well-exposed pictures with a wide dynamic range and vibrant, lively colors.

Automatic Night mode also produces good low-light photos. There are no complaints.
A 5MP ultra-wide and two 2MP ones for depth and macro are among the phone's additional sensors. The 5MP sensor has good quality. Even while the quality suffers compared to the primary sensor, it is still more functional.

The Samsung Galaxy Unlocked Phones also take decent portrait photos with precise edge recognition. The faces are vivid and distinct in the portrait pictures. The phone comes with various portrait settings from Samsung, including Studio mode.

The phone has a 32MP front-facing camera, and in our testing, we were really pleased with the photographs it captured. Once more, the photos are vivid, crisp, and detailed. Additionally pleasing is the bokeh.


Battery life and charging

The Galaxy A73's 5000mAh battery typically provides enough Power for one day's use with 30 to 40 percent left over. Remember that this scenario was conceivable without media bingeing or hour-long gaming sessions. The Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Smartphone’s battery can easily last all day, even in unexceptional conditions. You can use a 25W fast wired charger if you purchase an appropriate charger. However, you will need to wait roughly 1.5 hours for the battery to fully charge from a 10 percent charge.
With a single setting, the Power saving feature enables you to disable 5G, Always On Display, CPU downclocking to 70%, and background app activity.
Its remarkable battery life in the PCMark Work 3.0 test was 12 hours and 42 minutes. Samsung decided to omit a 25W charger from the box, which would have allowed for faster phone charging.


The Botton Line

The Samsung Galaxy A73 5G is a reasonably priced flagship device. The phone hasn't let us down; we expected it to operate similarly. The phone is a complete package that lives up to the price that Samsung is asking for.

The smartphone's display is stunning, it performs well, and the camera is spot-on. The battery life is the cherry on top.

The Galaxy A73 5G is the phone for you if you're searching for one that makes few promises but delivers in spades.
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