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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Unlocked: Second Time is the Charm

When Samsung released its Galaxy Z Flip, a smartphone with a screen that folds in half, the big question was whether the technology was really ready for use outside a lab. And with that, Samsung proved beyond any doubts that Foldable or Flip phones have a right to exist outside of the experimental labs.

Granted that it comes with a hefty price tag that may not be to everyone’s liking, but that is why this phone is so different. It only appeals to the core fans of this genre of smartphones.

The Galaxy Z Flip has some serious competition with the likes of Huawei Mate X and Moto Razr, although this Galaxy Flip does stand out as better option overall.

The view:

This article is based on the Factory Unlocked, International Version of the Samsung Galaxy F700 Flip, you can purchase one from Here:

Samsung tried the idea of Foldable/Flip with the first generation of the Galaxy Z Flip, which was not a success by any stretch of imagination. However, Samsung have achieved a remarkable feat with the second generation, making the phone sturdier, noticeable as a smartphone by its own right and much more user-friendly concept.

The Galaxy Z Flip is a very attractive phone indeed, particularly sitting on its own with a massive 6.7 inch bendable screen. Although the Galaxy Z Flip was extremely pricey when initially launched, but have since come down significantly to attract more buyers.

One of Galaxy Z Flip’s unique feature is called Flex Mode, this effective feature allows the used to interact with the phone hands-free. This Mode does come with a few trade-offs one should be willing to make. It winds up bisecting the screen, so the part you're interacting with is relatively small, often less than 4 inches diagonally. The camera app is dynamic enough to readjust to Flex Mode (more apps to come Samsung says) but, the convenience of going hands-free outweighs other objections. It's just that nice to use the Galaxy Z Flip as its own stand. 

The Camera on the Galaxy Z Flip is better equipped than its competitor, with a 12MP wide-angle and Ultrawide-angle sensors take better photos with a variety of photo options to choose from. The core of the camera is based on the Galaxy S10’s sensors.

The selfie camera does a decent job too. With its 10MP camera, it take great snaps and video calls are crisp too.

The battery also stands out than the competition, with a combined total capacity of 3300mAh, split into two battery cells, it should last a day or at least 13 hours ,which is another great feat achieved by Samsung. The other impressive ability of the Galaxy Z Flip is the wireless charging, which makes it a decent nightstand too.

The performance overall is great, thanks in part to its Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor and 8GB of RAM.

One tiny bit of negative point of the Galaxy Z Flip is the rear display size, which is probably tinier than phone display of the 90’s phones. It’s designed to allow you to use it for selfies as well is notifications, but with such a small screen size, it’s hard to see how anyone would be able to see anything through that. Samsung could have made the display much bigger, similar to their competitors

The Verdict:

The Galaxy Z Flip is a well-built smartphone with a big screen that’s capable of folding in half and fit into your pocket. This phone is not your normal phone to compare with the other flagship phones. You do not buy this phone because of its processor, RAM, battery or camera. You buy this phone because the Galaxy Z Flip has made the smartphone a gadget again, because this device has made smartphones fun again, that why you but this phone. is the place where you will find a wide variety of Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Huawei and much more, all our devices are Factory Unlocked for your convenience, plus you get 2 day free delivery too.

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