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The 3 Methods Of Unlocking A Xiaomi Cellphone

In April of 2010, the world was introduced to another technological brand that promised to deliver high-quality mobile gadgets at affordable prices. – That company is Xiaomi, and it was founded by billionaire entrepreneur Lei Jun and 5 of his colleagues. They developed the MIUI which is a user interface that can rival TouchWiz (Samsung) and iOS (Apple).

A year later, their Mi 1 smartphone was launched. And they continue to produce high-end smartphones at reasonable prices.

Today, Xiaomi phones are sold outside China’s neighboring countries, with Mi 9 as their latest flagship product. And if you happen to own one now, then chances are you might have experienced an issue with forgetting the password or lock pattern of your phone.

So read more as we are going to share the 3 methods of unlocking a Xiaomi Cellphone in today’s tech guide.

Solutions For Unlocking Your Xiaomi Phone

The password and lock screen are basic security features of a smartphone.

However, we sometimes forget the PIN or the lock pattern that we can no longer use our phone because it’s locked.

Good thing, there are ways to deal with these common issues.

Just check the following steps below so you can unlock your phone and use it again.

Method 1: Unlocking Your Xiaomi Cellphone Through Your Mi Account

  1. After trying to key in the wrong password 5 times, your screen will display a message that your “Phone has been locked”, and you have to try keying in the password again after 30 seconds.
  2. If you’re still typing the wrong password after many tries, then click to the “Forget Password” option at the right bottom side of the screen. It will then take you to page where you are asked to enter your Mi account credentials.

If you still forget your Mi credentials, then you have to proceed to these next steps.

  1. Turn off your phone, take off your SIM card, and place it on another phone so you can receive the confirmation message that’s going to be sent to you.
  2. Go to the Xiaomi Cloud web and select “Sign In With Mi Account”.
  3. Choose “Forget Password” and then reset the password to your Mi account.
  4. Key in your new Mi account name and password to unlock your Xiaomi phone.

Method 2: Factory Reset

If the first method isn’t working or you don’t have a Mi account, then you can still unlock your phone via factory reset:

  1. Turn off your Xiaomi phone.
  2. Hold and press “Power” and “Up” (volume) keys for at least 3 seconds and wait until the Mi logo shows up. This is the recovery mode of your smartphone.
  3. Look for the “Wipe Data” option and click it. Use the volume keys to navigate and the power key to select an option. This enables your phone to go into factory reset.
  4. Once the reset is done, go back again to the system’s main menu and choose “Reboot”. This will restart your phone.
  5. Set a new PIN or lock code for your smartphone.

Method 3: Unlocking A Xiaomi Phone Through Mi PC Suite

  1. Download the Mi PC Suite on your PC and install it as you’ll need this app to unlock your Xiaomi smartphone.
  2. Open the Mi PC Suite and turn off your smartphone.
  3. Follow the second step in method to access the recovery mode of your phone.
  4. Click “Recovery” and connect your Xiaomi phone to your PC using a USB cable.
  5. Go to the Mi PC Suite and select the “Update” button.
  6. Select “Wipe”, then your phone will restart automatically once this process is completed.
  7. Choose the ROM you want and install the ROM by pressing the “Update” button.
  8. Once everything is finished, set a new PIN or lock code for your smartphone.
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