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Samsung Galaxy S23 Gray Unlocked for all carriers

The Samsung S23 is Worth the Upgrade

Samsung S23 Release Date, Specs, Models, and More!

Wednesday, February 2, at Samsung's annual Unpacked event, Samsung launched its latest flagship Galaxy smartphones, the Galaxy S23, the slightly more expensive S23+, and the flagship S23 Ultra. Starting prices for the S23 and S23+ are $850 and $955, with the most advanced model set at $1,110. As the leaks suggested, Samsung also unveiled its Galaxy Book 3 ultrabook series at the event, including the super-powerful Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, which weighs less than an Apple MacBook Pro or a Dell XPS 13.

Now that we've got all of the Samsung S23 models in our inventory, were going to review each of the devices and their features below, so if you're not sure which model you want, we've got all the standout features on all models outlined below for you:

So let's get started!


Samsung S23 Review

In terms of size and weight, the Samsung Galaxy S23 6.1in is attractive and perfectly-put in our honest opinion. The camera features and processor alone are enough to make the S23 one best smartphone you can get anywhere in the world right now. When you add in the adaptive battery and the more than ample display with its rich colors, 8K video, and other features outlined below, you just end up with one wicked device.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 might look similar to the S22, but there are key changes with this year’s flagship:

Photo Versatility

In the Samsung Galaxy S23, you'll find an extremely sharp camera. Using advanced AI, you can now shoot like a professional, no matter your level of experience with cameras. With three main cameras, you can take amazing photos in any situation. In addition to its 50 MP camera, the Galaxy S23 has a telephoto lens, an ultra-wide angle lens, and a depth camera, more than enough to capture all of your most precious moments in perfect clarity.

Adaptive Pixel Technology

Using the primary camera, you can capture both images at the same time. You get the best possible result every time with Adaptive Pixel technology since it automatically combines a high-resolution 50MP with a bright 12MP.

30x Zoom

Through the camera lens, you can see everything 30 times closer. Distance now turns into close-ups and incredible moments on your phone thanks to advanced artificial intelligence and more light-sensitive pixels. The zoom feature also makes images up close razor-sharp, so like taking photos in nature or any other type of close range photography, you will love that.

The Night Has Never Been Brighter

After dark can be a magical time. With the Galaxy S23, you can capture these moments with sharpness and depth unlike ever before. Filming and shooting in the dark are made possible by the light-sensitive sensor.

AI Camera Feature

The camera's artificial intelligence works for you, sifting through the best shots, editing together the most action-packed moments, and slowing down dramatic sequences as needed. Those moments you thought were impossible to capture can now be caught in the same recording.

You can automatically film a sequence when you take a shot with the One Shoot feature. With Dynamic Slow-Mo, action-packed sequences are slowed down for drama, and in portrait mode, you get detailed light-filled shots. Additionally, you can delete items from your photo using an object eraser.

8k Video

The best moments are often missed, especially when it's dark. There's no need to worry about that with the Galaxy S23, which offers 8K video and a light-sensitive sensor that revolutionizes movie options. Films are more fascinating today than ever, thanks to cinematic Video and image stabilization. Compared to 10-bit HDR, 12-bit HDR shows 60 billion colors - 64 times more. Is there anything moving that you're filming? Nothing to worry about. Cameras with automatic framing adapt to what you're filming, while microphones emphasize what's in focus, providing a captivating and intense experience.

Take Your Portraits to the Next Level

Are you the professional photographer, or are you the one in the studio? Your selfies will be even better with Samsung Galaxy S23's AI and 3D analysis of depth and dimensions. With perfect lighting, your face is focused, with the background blurred. The portrait feature can also create cinematic videos with your friends and you in focus.

Intelligent Battery That Adapts to You

Samsung Galaxy S23 features a powerful 4700mAh battery, which offers power and is intelligent. The device adapts to your mobile habits to conserve energy and last longer on a single charge. With Samsung Galaxy S23, you can charge the battery to 50% in just 30 minutes, too, which makes it great for those of us on the go all the time.

It is a Whole New Experience

As Samsung Galaxy's fastest and most powerful processor, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Pro powers the Galaxy S23. As a result, response times will be shorter, and handling will be faster. A dynamic Super AMOLED display and up to 120Hz refresh rate revolutionize the Galaxy S23's experience.

A rapid refresh rate gives you a soft feeling and instant response regardless of your actions, whether you are scrolling, playing a game, or writing a message. It also adjusts the display's refresh rate, Increasing battery life by adjusting to your activities. When you do nothing, it uses 10Hz, and when you play games, it uses 120Hz.

Taking advantage of 5G is straightforward with Samsung Galaxy S23. Streaming, sharing, and gaming are twice as fast with Wi-Fi 6E support.

Stunning Design

A unified and stylish design with seamless transitions and gently protruding camera lenses makes your phone stand out. Featuring Gorilla Glass Victus2 and Armor aluminum, the Galaxy S23 offers Samsung's most challenging screen glass yet.

Super Bright Displays

Take your movie out of the house to finish watching it. Displaying up to 1750 nits, this monitor is equally at home in bright sunlight as it is at home in the living room.

Samsung 23: Price $850.00

Grab your Samsung S23 Right Here!





Samsung S23+ Review

A greater range of powers and freedoms is available with S23+. You can take your gaming experience to a whole new level with Samsung Galaxy S23+'s larger, more powerful battery. Playing games on the Galaxy S23+ is now easier thanks to its powerful processor. You can capture memories with a unique camera even after the sun has set, so it’s great for beaches or hiking in the evenings, or going out sightseeing  at night, and things of that nature.

Shoot Pictures Like a Pro

The Samsung Galaxy S23+ has an excellent camera. With advanced artificial intelligence, you can now shoot like a pro, regardless of your skill level. Taking amazing pictures is easy with three main cameras working together. Samsung's Galaxy S23+ comes with a 50MP camera, telephoto lens, ultra-wide angle lens, and depth sensor.

Adaptive Pixel Technology

You can capture both images simultaneously with the primary camera. Adaptive Pixel technology always produces the best results by combining a high-resolution 50MP with a bright 12MP, 30x Zoom.  Everything is now 30 times closer through the camera lens. Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence and more light-sensitive pixels, you can now capture close-ups and unforgettable moments on your phone. Thanks to its 3x optical zoom, the Galaxy S23+ produces razor-sharp images even when you're close to your target, making it the ideal smartphone for anyone who loves to take pictures.

Bring the Light with You!

It is often after dark when the most magical moments take place. Unlike previous models, these moments can be captured with depth and sharpness with the Galaxy S23+. The light-sensitive sensor makes filming and shooting possible even in the dark.

AI Feature for Dramatic Sequences

A camera equipped with artificial intelligence to select the best shots, edit action-packed moments, and slow down dramatic sequences. Your family and friends can share moments you thought were impossible to capture in one recording. With the One Shoot feature, you can automatically capture the fiercest and best sequences when you take a photo.

While Dynamic Slow-Mo slows down action-packed sequences, Portrait Mode captures detail-rich images in brilliant light. In addition to deleting items from your photos, you can also use an object eraser.

8K Video

It is often impossible to see the best moments when it is dark. Due to its 8K video capabilities and incredibly light-sensitive sensor, Galaxy S23+ won't cause you any worries. Thanks to cinematic Video and improved image stabilization, films are more captivating than ever. In 12-bit HDR, 60 billion colors are rendered, which is 64 times more than in 10-bit HDR. Are you filming a moving target? Nothing to worry about. A captivating and intense image is captured when the camera and microphone automatically framing what you're filming.

Professional-Grade Selfies

Do you prefer to have a professional photographer take your pictures? Your selfies will be enhanced with AI and 3D depth analysis on Samsung Galaxy S23+. If the lighting is perfect, your face will stand against a blurry background. Using the portrait feature when filming also allows you to create cinematic videos. It’s like having a professional photographer taking your pictures for you.

Intelligent Battery Adapts to You

The Samsung Galaxy S23+ is powerful and intelligent thanks to its 4700mAh battery. You can save power and extend your phone's battery life by letting it learn your mobile habits. The Galaxy S23+ also features fast charging technology that charges the battery to 50% in just 30 minutes.

Fastest Processor to Date

Featuring the fastest and most potent Samsung Galaxy processor to date, the Galaxy S23+ is equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Pro processor. Thus, response times are shorter, and handling is more efficient. With its 120Hz Super AMOLED display, the Galaxy S23+ offers a revolutionary experience.

The fast refresh rate provides a smooth, instant response, whether scrolling, playing a game, or writing a message. Additionally, the display adjusts refresh rates based on what you're doing, thus extending battery life. Gaming, for example, uses 120 Hz at maximum, while doing nothing uses 10 Hz. Samsung Galaxy S23+ supports 5G, and streaming, sharing, and gaming are twice as fast with Wi-Fi 6E.

Design that Demands Attention

Smooth transitions create a unified and stylish design and gently protruding camera lenses. Samsung's Galaxy S23+ features the most durable display glass Samsung has ever made, thanks to Gorilla Glass Victus2 and Armor Aluminum.

Nits for Super Brightness

Streaming a movie from home to the outdoors is possible. You'll enjoy the 1750nits display in bright sunlight and on your couch at home.

Samsung 23+: Price $955.00

Grab your Samsung S23+ Right Here!






Samsung S23 Ultra Review

Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra is one of its best cameras ever. You can now shoot and shoot like a pro, no matter what level you are at today. With the Galaxy S23 Ultra's four main cameras, you can take stunning photos in any situation. Records were set in in-depth, telephoto, and ultra-wide angle photography. A laser autofocus system ensures instant sharpness with this camera as well.


200MP Camera Delivers Sharp, Crisp, Professional Images

Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra camera captures images with incredible detail thanks to its 200 megapixels. When you crop and enlarge your subject, you can still get sharp, detailed images that can be shared or printed. You receive content that is rich and sharp beyond words.


100x Zoom When You Need to |Get Close In

Film the skier from the top of the stands while taking close-ups of the players. Getting 100x closer is possible with a 100x zoom! SpaceZoom converts distant views into detailed and stable close-ups. It provides three times optical and ten times optical zoom, resulting in clear images.


Light or Dark Doesn't Matter Anymore

There is something magical about sunsets. Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra has Samsung's most light-sensitive camera to date, making it easier to capture these events sharply and with depth. With the new camera sensor, you can take fantastic nighttime photos since it accentuates the details of the night.


Portrait Videos and Photos

Make your videos stand out! Make your videos stand out! When you use portrait mode, you can control the final result, which enhances every detail. Object Eraser makes removing objects from photos easy. The Delete button can be tapped or drawn around something to remove it.  The Galaxy S23 Ultra also allows you to take better selfies. Portraits are made easier with AI and 3D depth analysis. You are in focus, and the background is blurred with excellent lighting.


AI Feature for Dramatic Shots and Sequences

Cameras use artificial intelligence to select the most dramatic shots, cut together action-packed scenes, and slow down dramatic scenes. You can share the moments you thought were unattainable all in one recording.

One Shoot automatically films a sequence as you take a shot, and AI selects the best images. Dynamic Slow-Mo adds drama to action-packed sequences.


8K Video

With the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, you can capture the perfect moments with its light-sensitive sensor and 8K video. Optical image stabilization will make shaky movies less blurry. Furthermore, 12-bit HDR offers 64 times more colors than 10-bit HDR, making movies more fascinating than ever before. Does your camera have anything moving? You're always focused on the camera because it automatically frames what you're filming. Additionally, the microphone magnifies what is in focus.


A Battery that Gets to Know Your Habits

With its powerful 5000mAh battery, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is powerful and intelligent. Its adaptive learning system learns your mobile habits and adapts to them, so you can use it for longer on a single charge and save on power.

Moreover, the Galaxy S23 Ultra has fast charging technology, which can charge the battery to 50% in just 30 minutes. Wireless power-sharing allows you to share power with a friend who needs a little extra juice.


Fastest Processor to Date

This Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra ships with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Pro processor, Samsung's most powerful and fastest processor ever. This results in shorter response times and quicker handling. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is ready to take advantage of 5G networks. You'll be able to stream twice as fast with Wi-Fi 6E, and you'll be able to play games with minimal lag wherever you are, no matter where you are.


Design that Turns Heads

The seamless and smooth transitions combined with gently protruding camera lenses can create a stylish and unified design on your phone. Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra displays are made from Gorilla Glass Victus2, which is the most robust display glass Samsung has ever created. In addition to being extremely durable, aluminum is also lightweight. Furthermore, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is dust- and water-resistant and IP68-rated.


An S Pen is also included with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, which takes over where the keyboard doesn't reach. If you share your images, you can add an extra dimension to your notes. A pen and brush in one, the S Pen gives you a new level of creativity.


Breathtaking Display

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra offers a 120Hz Super AMOLED 2x screen, which revolutionizes colors and the feel of holding the device. A fast refresh rate provides a smooth and immediate response regardless of whether you're scrolling, playing, or writing a message. With the bright screens, you see everything you want despite bright sunlight

Samsung 23 Ultra: Price $1115.00

Grab your Samsung S23 Ultra Right Here




The S23 series phones are undoubtedly the best, fastest, and most feature-rich Samsung models to date! Some of our favorite features are the adaptive battery and the camera, but the display is gorgeous and rich in colors, so if you've been thinking of switching from iPhone to Android, the S23, S23+, or S23 Ultra will be perfect for that because you won't be going back… Bottom line… Any one of the models makes a fantastic phone and will give you one wicked device! If you are unsure which model you want from the S23 series, you can check out our Samsung models page to browse all three models.

Feel free to write us at or call us at 917-745-2527 if you have any questions/inquiries.  

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