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Top 6 Reasons to Buy Huawei P50 Pro

Top 6 Reasons to Buy Huawei P50 Pro

Huawei Smart Phones are back in a big way with its new Huawei P50 Pro, demonstrating that it still has a lot to say in the premium range of mobiles after a few years of issues with its line of devices.

With the release of the new Huawei P50 Pro, the Chinese business reclaims its position as the manufacturer of the most advanced technology in both performance and photography. They aim to retake the premium smartphone market, and they do so aggressively. The Huawei P50 Pro is not a phone for those searching for a bargain. Still, it is unquestionably one of those phones that any enthusiast of mobile photography or smartphones should consider. These are some of the factors that make the Huawei P50 Pro one of the premium smartphones you should think about because Huawei has given it every premium touch possible.

The new P50 Pro terminal from the renowned Chinese company Huawei phones will be the subject of this article. The smartphone has excellent hardware features, an extremely stylish design, and a reasonable cost. Please be aware that the item is available for purchase.


Innovative features

With only a swipe, you may access the Super Device capabilities that come with the HUAWEI P50 Pro. The Super Device menu gives users easy access to the Control Panel, audio playback, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth settings, as well as the ability to quickly connect to many devices, including tablets and the Huawei Matebook. The HUAWEI P50 Pro can also serve as a wirelessly linked external storage device for the PC because of the Distributed File System capability. You can transfer MeeTime calls to your HUAWEI Vision smart TV and use the larger screen, camera, and speakers to carry on the call if you have one.


Convenient user experience

Both flagship devices run on EMUI 12, which provides a simple, slick, secure, and dependable experience for every type of client, whether they are professionals, children, or creators.

Users will also have access to features influenced by HarmonyOS. The increased performance and privacy of these features will take priority. The step-less weight adjustment feature in EMUI 12 enables users to change the font's size and weight for more comfortable viewing.

With its EMUI 12 layer, which was previously seen on the Nova 9 and Nova 8i, Huawei P50 Pro comes with a customized version of Android from the Huawei smartphone that is a device with Google services.

Huawei makes up for the lack of Google services, which prevents it from having access to the Google Play Store and many US-based applications, with a beautiful, quick, and clean version of Android.


An enormous battery that supports supercharging

With a 4,360mAh battery that supports 50W Wireless HUAWEI SuperCharge and 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge, the P50 Pro can fully charge your phone in under an hour.
The 4,000mAh battery in the Huawei smartphone online P50 Pocket might last all day. With the 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge support of the P50 Pocket, you can travel more frequently and more quickly without having to stay too much in one place.


Dual-Matrix camera

The Dual-Matrix camera on the Huawei P50 Pro produces high-resolution photographs that are brighter, more precise, and more detailed. It also supports 4K video recording. The P50 Pro's camera arrangement has a 200x zoom, which is more than enough and pretty astounding because it allows for capturing distant objects.

The 50-megapixel main camera on the Huawei P50 Pro incorporates a laser focus sensor. It also contains a third 40-megapixel black and white sensor and a 13-megapixel wide-angle sensor.

A unique style that will stand out

The HUAWEI P50 Pro stands apart from other smartphones thanks to its daring new design. The P50 Pro has rounded corners on display and an aluminum-lithium glass back, giving it a high-end and eye-catching appearance.


Massive 6.6-inch 120Hz screen

The Premium range smartphone has a 50 MP primary camera, a 64 MP telephoto lens, a 6.6 "OLED display, and the Snapdragon 888 chipset. Huawei chose a phone with a sizable screen. Large, comparable to that of smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G or the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The P50 Pro has an OLED display with a 6.6-inch dimension and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Its two best advantages have a panel that gives superb image quality with deep blacks, extremely brilliant colors and a very high brightness level. HDR10 video is also compatible with it. You can move through animations really quickly, especially in games, thanks to the 120 Hz refresh.


The bottom line

The new Huawei P50 Pro is an intriguing flagship. From a picture standpoint, the terminal looks perfect as usual. The updated HUAWEI XD Fusion Pro image engine aids in reproducing in-depth image information, while the HUAWEI XD Optics improves clarity for smartphone photography. The SuperZoom matrix can record images with stunning clarity from a wide or close distance while the primary camera matrix can show you a world of real colour.

Although the Snapdragon 888 CPU of the device is adequate, we had higher expectations for a $1000 phone. We understand why Huawei decided against implementing a more recent, speedier technology. The IEC standard 60529 was used to test this device, and it received an IP68 rating for splash, water, and dust protection. The testing took place in a controlled lab environment. Splash, water, and dust resistance are not always present and might deteriorate with regular use. Never charge your phone in a damp environment or while it is wet. Damage brought on by submersion in liquid is not covered by the warranty. A device with an IP68 classification is protected from dangerous infiltration of static water at a distance of up to 1.5 metres for a period of up to 30 minutes while limiting the temperature difference between the gadget and the water to no more than 5°C.

However, the equipment comes at a high range. It is only logical in light of this attribute to state that the product is remarkable in every manner.

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