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Get up to $500 for your old phone!

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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro - An Upgraded Mi Note 10!

The Xiaomi Note 10 Pro is a fantastic phone if you’re in the market for an Android phone with all the bells and whistles. Xiaomi released the Note 10 Pro after releasing a host of premium phones earlier this year and you’re wondering what makes it great, so let’s get straight to it:

  1. It has the Snapdragon 865 processor
  2. Standard 8 GB of RAM and upgradeable to 12 GB of RAM
  3. 108 MP camera for a total of 4 cameras in the rear
  4. 20 MP Selfie camera
  5. Fingerprint Sensor built into the screen
  6. 4,500 mAH battery with 50W fast charging for a full battery in less than an hour
  7. 30W wireless fast charging

As you can see here Xiaomi invested heavily in the Note 10 Pro and it’s aluminum frame gives the Note 10 Pro that premium feel you want in a flagship phone. You could compare the Note 10 Pro with the Samsung S20 and you’ll want to buy the Note 10 Pro if you’re not loyal to any company.

The design of the phone is beautiful from top to bottom. The cameras in the back do protrude a bit but it’s nothing you need to worry about. The only part of the design I’m not a fan of is the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack. I’m not the biggest wireless headphones fan and so I do prefer my phones come with a headphone jack for whenever I need it. Unlike Samsung, the hole punch camera sits on the top left of the screen instead of the top right.

The Note 10 Pro may look large but you can easily navigate all buttons with one hand. The screen size is 6.67 inches and it’s a Super AMOLED display. The refresh rate on this flagship is 90 Hz so you won’t miss a thing. For a phone with such a large and beautiful screen, you may be worried about battery drainage, but you don’t need to with the Xiaomi Note 10 Pro because it has a 4,500 mAH battery. Use it all day and don’t worry about it dying on you.

The price may be higher than other Xiaomi models you’re used to in the past; however Xiaomi has give the Note 10 Pro every single feature and spec you could want in a flagship phone. Even with better features and specs than the Samsung Galaxy S20, the Note 10 Pro is less expensive.

If you’re looking for the best phone of 2020, I daresay the Xiaomi Note 10 Pro is what you want to buy.

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