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Huawei Nova 5T: Flagship spec minus the price-tag

For Huawei, the last 12 months have not been successful ones. The Chinese phone giant will no longer use Google Mobile Services due to the US government's blacklist, disabling some of the most distinguishing tech components from Huawei's handsets.

The Huawei Nova 5T which is still allowed to use Google Mobile Services since the phone was launched in China before the U.S. blacklist went into effect. Meaning, like every other Android phone, the Nova 5T also offers the same apps and services, and that is why this Huawei product should not be skipped over.

So, let’s take a look:

You can easily tell, only by looking at the design and color choices that Huawei aimed at younger consumers with the nova 5T. 

The core target for this phone being young, millennial, fashion-savvy, and it does a good job at luring glances. They might typically go for the choice of Crush Blue or Midsummer Purple.

The nova 5T is indeed a flat piece of glass, back and front, at a thickness of just 7.87 mm. The entire front of the phone is taken up by a 6.26-inch screen, with a punch hole camera in the top left corner, and a relatively tiny earpiece grill at the top, with an LED notification light inside it, which is very rare to see in phones nowadays.

Aside from the camera hump that is raised, shifting the fingerprint sensor to the side allowed Huawei to keep the back relatively smooth, so expect some wiggle when positioning it on a flat surface.

Whether you are 3D gaming or 4K video shooting, the Nova 5T's Kirin 980 processor paired with 6 GB RAM packs a lot of pizzazz.

There is no headphone jack, and also no microSD card slot too, although the capacity of 128GB should be adequate for most. Another bonus: on the Nova 5T, is that NFC is available, thus enabling mobile contactless payments - a feature missing from the Honor 9X.

The Nova 5T easily makes it through a full day without any problems thanks to its 3750mAh battery, and the phone powers up rapidly too, with its 22.5W charging - 50 percent in less than 30 minutes.

The quad-camera on the back is built around the main 48MP sensor, adding a 16MP ultra-wide, and a two 2MP extra lenses, one for macro, and one for depth sensing. The 48MP sensor makes use of pixel-binning, or "light fusion" in Huawei’s own terminology, to make 12MP images that deal better with low-light conditions or just a dreary days.

As aforementioned, Huawei’s target demographic, who love their selfies, the 32MP selfie camera is pretty impressive, offering high resolution snaps. The camera also comes with Ai beautification feature as well as a bokeh style portrait mode.


Huawei's Nova 5T shows what can be achieved with a small budget handset, offering good battery life, a high-quality screen, solid build, plenty of storage, dual SIM support and a snappy processor. The Nova 5T meets most expectations and perhaps even exceed them at times. It’s an attractive device, feels modern to use, and is smartly engineered, particularly the outer casing with its narrow frame and fingerprint scanner/unlock button combination. And because it still has Google Apps and the Play Store available, it’s a phone suitable for anyone, not just Huawei fans.

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