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4.85*/5 BASED ON 1700+ REVIEWS
4.85*/5 BASED ON 1700+ REVIEWS

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live


  • Active noise cancellation technology
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity

Samsung's newly designed Galaxy Buds Live (R180) brings a new shape and design to the Galaxy Buds lineup. Unlike the previous Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Plus, the Galaxy Buds Live do not have the rubber piece that goes into your ear canal like with most earbuds, instead the speaker rests right outside your ear canal. 

Despite having a hard bean shaped shell, when placed into the ear the Galaxy Buds Live are very comfortable and smooth. For runners or anyone who is constantly active, the Buds Live are perfect as they do not fall out of your ear at all. 

By tapping the Buds once, the audio will pause. Tap again and it will resume. Double tapping will skip a track while triple tapping will go back a track. Users can also utilize the touch and hold feature which can be customizable through the Galaxy Wearable app. 

The sound on these earbuds are clear and crisp with very nice bass. While listening to podcasts users will notice the clean, naturally sounding vocals, making it seem as though you are listening to the speaker in front of you.

Call quality is also superb with the Galaxy Buds Live. The microphone does an excellent job of filtering out any background noise so that your voice is nice and clear. 

Users can use the Buds nonstop for about 6 hours before it runs out of battery. But, by placing the Buds back into the case, they automatically begin to recharge, as long as the case has power. The case has a USB-C port for recharging but can also be charged wirelessly. 

Overall the Galaxy Buds Live are a perfect for anyone looking for excellent sound with minimal pressure on their ears. For the lowest price, fastest shipping, and best return policy, you can purchase the Buds Live (R180) at wirelessplace.com.
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