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Customer Reviews: 4.85 ⭐ out of 5 - Based on 1500+ ratings
Customer Reviews: 4.85 ⭐ out of 5 - Based on 1500+ ratings

Nokia 8210 (TA-1489) Dual Sim Mobile Phone (New)

Ursprünglicher Preis $ 72.00 - Ursprünglicher Preis $ 72.00
Ursprünglicher Preis
$ 72.00
$ 72.00 - $ 72.00
Aktueller Preis $ 72.00

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  • Size: 2.8 inch

  • Resolution: QVGA


  • Bluetooth: 5.0

  • Headphone jack: 3.5 mm

  • USB connection: Micro USB (USB 2.0)

Battery & charging

  • Battery: Removable

  • Wattage: 2.75 W

Memory & storage

  • Internal storage: 128 MB

  • MicroSD card support up to: 32 GB

  • RAM: 48 MB

Package Content

  • Micro USB Charger

  • User Guide

  • Removable Battery

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  • The phone is listed with 48 ram, is this correct? Is it 4g Nokia 8210

    Yes, it has 48MB, not GB.

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