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Motorola Moto G82 128GB/6GB RAM (XT2225-1) GSM Desbloqueado Versión Internacional (Nuevo)

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$ 267.00
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  • Sistema Operativo-Android 12 con fácil acceso a las aplicaciones de Google que más usas
  • Almacenamiento interno: 128 GB incorporado
  • Sensores: lector de huellas dactilares, sensor de proximidad, sensor de luz ambiental, acelerómetro, giroscopio, eCompass
  • Procesador - Qualcomm Boca de dragón 695 5G
  • Almacenamiento ampliable: tarjeta microSD de hasta 1 TB expandible | UFS + LPDDR4x
  • Memoria (RAM) - 6GB
  • Seguridad - Lector de huellas dactilares lateral, Desbloqueo facial
  • Tamaño de la batería: 5000 mAh no extraíble
  • Carga - 30W TurboPower cargando
  • Tamaño de pantalla: pantalla FHD+ de 6,6" | Frecuencia de actualización de 120 Hz
  • Resolución - FHD+ (2400 x 1080) | 402 ppp
  • Relación pantalla-cuerpo - Área activa-Panel táctil (AA-TP): 87,7 % vÁrea activa-Cuerpo (AA-Body): 91,32 %
  • Tecnología de pantalla - AMOLED
  • Dimensiones - 160,89 x 7,99 x 74,46 mm
  • Cuerpo - PMMA
  • Puertos: puerto tipo C (USB 2.0)
  • Peso - 173g
  • Protección contra el agua - IP52 Diseño repelente al agua
En el cuadro
  • Dispositivo - moto g82 5G
  • Componentes: cubierta protectora, cargador, cable USB tipo C, guías, herramienta SIM
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
David C.

Phone? Nice mid-ranger.

The company, Wireless|Place, is competent, a GREAT VALUE seller, and cost aware. The deal was OUTSTANDING! Icing on the cake; a quality pen with soft rubber tip at the end of the push rod was included at no charge. Good job, Wireless|Place!

David L.

I am very happy with this phone. I've been looking for a new phone to replace my Sony Xperia 10 and the latest Moto G models seemed like a good way to go (I really like having a side-mounted fingerprint reader). However, the Moto G models that are currently marketed in Canada are all bulky and heavy. I tried the Moto G Stylus 2022 and it just never felt right in my hand, and weighted a good 215g whereas I'm used to phones that weight 160-180g. But, I liked everything else about that phone, so I looked around for lighter alternatives with similar performance and this phone was exactly that. I think it's made for a foreign market, which is why it's hard to find Moto G phones of this series in Canada and the United States, so I'm really glad Wireless Place sells it for a decent price.

The shipping was incredibly fast, too. I ordered it on March 12th (Sunday) and received it on March 15th (Wednesday) One thing that irked me is that, because I imported this phone to Canada, UPS charged me a hefty $85 CAD for brokerage fees. That's money charged by UPS on top of the import taxes (which I was expecting) and it all goes to UPS, not to the customs or a government entity. It might be interesting for Wireless Place to see if they could use a carrier with more affordable brokerage fees for international shipments. Next time I do business with an American store that ships with UPS, I'm gonna think twice!

Hi David,

I'm glad you like the phone but I'm not happy about how UPS treated you.

We used to use USPS/Canada Post to ship items to our Canadian customers, but they would lose too many packages.

UPS fees vary and we always tell our non US customers on the checkout page that there are additional costs, but I did not know it would be so expensive. I'll try using Fedex next time and hopefully they'll charge less.

Eric D.

Excellent experience. Everything works great! Great service!!! All as expected.

Stephen B.

I needed to replace a 4 year old LG G-5 cell phone. I was immediately disheartened to learn that manufacturers are intent on de-contenting normal, user-friendly basic features such a replaceable battery, a headphone jack, a memory card slot, an infra-red projector, and more. With such phones being sold by my service provider (Verizon), I searched outside of their offerings to find a new phone. Compatibility with their service is a stupid game - CDMA vs. GSM is an obsolete consideration, while sets of frequencies, 4G, 5G, VoLTE and other terms not normally used by the consuming public are thrown around as if we are all electronics engineers. A simple, "Is this phone compatible?" question is never directly answered. Indeed, I asked this question for my prospective Motorola G-82 purchase to Wireless Place, and received a rude, "Go ask Verizon!" response. Their response was, "We don't sell that model, so we can't be sure." These kind of evasive responses give the whole industry a reputation somewhat worse than used car dealers or politicians.
In the end I spent (wasted?) enough time to feel reasonably sure that the Motorola G-82 would work well with my Verizon service. It has a memory slot and headphone jack, though the battery is glued in, and there is no infra-red blaster. Set-up and transfer of data from the old phone proved simple, and yes, it works perfectly with Verizon. I am told that Motorola uses basic, simple version of the Android operating system, which suits me perfectly! I only wish it still had a built-in music player, but that fits with the de-contenting trend covering other items. Overall, I am quite happy with the phone, its voice and sound quality, and its screen clarity. I look forward to a good few years of use.

Jose D.

El Mejor Moto g al Mejor precio


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