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Samsung Galaxy A54 5G (A546E) GSM Unlocked International Version (New)

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Inspired simplicity

With a premium glass finish, clean camera layout and energising colourways, Galaxy A54 5G wears the Awesome identity on a seamless and graceful frame.

Shoot Awesome videos with ease

With VDIS and a wider OIS angle, Galaxy A54 5G helps shoot high-quality videos with ease through automatic reframing and autofocus.

Bright and clear, even in sunlight

Love what you see. The 6.4-inch FHD+ Infinity-O display offers a vibrant view with awesome outdoor visibility and silky smooth screentime with refresh rates up to 120Hz.

Stay powered up

Galaxy A54 5G’s boss-level 2 day battery gives you an insane amount of juice, freeing you up to get on with your life.

Package Contents

Samsung Galaxy A54 / USB Type-C Cable / SIM Eject Tool / Quick Start Guide.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Good Customer Service

Ordered Samsung A54 5G Awesome Violet color 256 GB/8GB RAM on April 23. Out for Delivery on April 26 but UPS never delivered it. Was gonna use the phone on my upcoming trip to watch Suga D-Day concert. It didn’t make it. Have to file a claim. UPS finally delivered it after I got back home from my trip on May 4th but they tampered with it. Just received the unit and it was used. No box, no cable, no quick start guide and no sim ejector. All through this process I was in touch with Wireless Place Customer Service. I returned the unit for a replacement since I bought a new phone not used. But I was told the color I wanted is sold out and don’t know when they’ll get a restock, so I have to choose a different color which is white. Finally have it on hand now. Received it on May 15. Almost a month since I bought it. The phone works but I didn’t get to use it as I intended. Anyway, they have good customer service they will work with you so I will definitely be buying from them again.

Hubert H.

Bought the lime green A546e GSM unlocked, I am a Verizon customer in the U.S. and was cautious that this wouldn't work on their CDMA network. I swapped in my 3 year old SIM and presto, I was up and running and getting 5G in those areas. I did swimg by a Verizon store and they couldn't recognize my IMEI as a useable pho e, so not sure you could bring this phone as a new customer and switch over/port your number, but as an existing customer it's doable to upgrade to this model. Phone is superb at this price point ($100 less than the Verizon version which has half the Ram and storage capacity) Phone works as expected, HAVEN'T seen any abnormalities. Delivery wasn't super fast, as it took about 4-5 days over the weekend, but I wasn't in a rush, so no harm there for me. Totally worth buying here and you get the cool new color options. Pic is a screen grab from my phone.

Milton H.

I've only been using it for a few days but so far I am very satisfied. I'm also glad I found the international version with the additional 2gb memory, and additional 128gb storage rather than the dumbed down version sold on most websites, Samsung's included.
It's got all the features I need and it's fast enough for my needs, it feels very responsive. It takes very good pictures for a cell phone but for someone that's used to a DSLR, no cell pone in the world will ever satisfy me.
I had zero problems making it work with T-Mobile, all I had to do was to insert the sim card from the old phone and my SD card, Worked right way.
I had been using Motorola's for many years and the transition to Samsung was not without quirks and weirdness.
You can customize the ring tone for your phone, for your email, for individual contacts, for whatsapp, for your calendar, and for many other apps. But Samsung apparently thinks it's OK to have the notifications be the same as the ring tone for text messages, so now, when my phone wants to tell me that there is severe thunder in the area I never know if it's weather or a text message. That's kind of annoying and it makes no sense.
Also I have not been able to find a comprehensive manual that explains what every single menu function does, not even in PDF form, they give you a bit more than the basics after that you're on your own. To be fair, Samsung is not the only company to do that. Still some of the menu items under "Settings" are not at all obvious as what they are supposed to do, and I as an IT professional with 35 years experience understand more tech than the regular individual. Again, to be fair, this is in part due to the mess that Google's Android techs have created.
Still, all in all I am very satisfied with the phone and will use it for a long time.

Walter Conley
Return or refund

The price of the phone has dropped since I bought it, so I'm wondering if I should return it, or if I can get a partial refund for the difference.

Alejandro Perez
Awesome Item & Service!

I have just received my Samsung A54 5G international version In less than 3 days perfectly!!! Thank you so much Wireless for your outstanding service!!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Joel Lonergan
The A54 is the best midrange phone Samsung has ever made

The Samsung A54 beats the Pixel 6a in both picture quality and charging speed. Although it's not as good as the Pixel 7a, it's still an excellent phone for this price point.

2 weeks in, looks to be a solid investment so far

Ordered the 256GB / 8GB RAM model. Checked model number upon arrival: SM-A546E/DS (international version, guessing from SE Asia, unfortunately US version offers only 128GB / 6GB RAM). Transferred my existing Verizon 4G LTE SIM card and it works seamlessly (currently using this in a small US city). I owned budget Motorola phones over the past decade so this phone feels like a premium experience so far. Hoping to use this until at least 2028.


Ask a Question
  • Will these work for ATT in the US?

    Only if you change the APN settings first

  • How do I know if this phone will work with my phone provider? I have t Mobil in the United States. Also, will a micro USB adapter to 3.5mm headphones work on this phone?

    Rest assured the Samsung A54 will work with T-Mobile

  • I want buy Sumsang A54 or Google pixel pro 7.Before I buy one of them the follwing questions need to be answered. 1. Are these or e-sim or sim card base phones? 2. Are these are brand new and originals one? 3. what is the difference of wireless smartphones from official websites selling phones (sumsang, google)? 4. Are these phone are guaranteed? 5. Are these smart phone will work in Aisia and middle east?

    1. Are these or e-sim or sim card base phones? Sim card. 
    2. Are these are brand new and originals one? Yes and yes.
    3. what is the difference of wireless smartphones from official websites selling phones (sumsang, google)? These are the unlocked, international versions. 
    4. Are these phone are guaranteed? No, they do not have warranties.
    5. Are these smart phone will work in Aisia and middle east? Yes and yes.

  • Does it work with carriers in South Africa


  • Does it work with carriers in India?


  • Is this a dual SIM model?


  • does this phone have any warranty?

    No sir it does not have a warranty; however we do offer a 30 day returns period in case the A54 has any problem/defect.

  • Why would you suggest a wireless fast charger on this phone when it is not setup to use wireless charging?

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience. That suggestion is standard but we should've removed the wireless charger for the A54

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