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4.85*/5 BASED ON 1700+ REVIEWS

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Xiaomi Mi 9 - The First Flagship of 2019

The Xiaomi Mi 9 was the first phone from Xiaomi to come with the very powerful Snapdragon 855. It doesn't support 5G but the new processor and graphics make up for it in my opinion. 

The Xiaomi Mi 9 has a bigger AMOLED screen, a smaller notch, less bezels, and it supports an under-display fingerprint sensor. This device was also the first Xioami device to support a triple camera setup! It has a regular snapper, an ultrawide camera, and a zoom snapper (2x)!

The Xiaomi Mi 9 has a 3,300 mAh battery that offers amazing battery life, 27W wired and 20W wireless charging. The 20W wireless charging was one of the fastest of its time! It also comes with flagship level software, Android Pie and MIUI 10. 

We offer this device in both the 64GB and 128GB variants and also in three colors; Piano Black, Ocean Blue, and Lavender Violet. If you'd like to purchase your Xiaomi Mi 9 then you can right now by following this link:

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