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Get up to $500 for your old phone!
Get up to $500 for your old phone!

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2



  • 1.4 inch 360pX360p super AMOLED display
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • 340 mAh battery

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is an excellent follow up from the previous Galaxy Watch Active. It comes in a 44mm variant (R820) and a 40mm variant (R830), along with an LTE option. The Active 2 is very comfortable, especially for runners and anyone else who will play sports or workout with it. 

Battery life on the Active 2 is excellent. With the screen always on, the watch will last approximately 1 and a half days. With the always on screen option turned off, the watch will last your approximately 2 and a half days. After 2 hours of charging the watch will be back to 100%. 

The watch comes with onboard storage allowing you to save your music to your watch. Users can also pair earbuds to the watch allowing them to leave their phone at home while they go on a run. 

The watch is fully customizable using the Galaxy Wearable app. There are hundreds of watch faces users can choose from ranging from very minimalistic to very informative. 

The watch can track many activities such as running, walking, yoga, weight lifting, and much more. When running or walking, the watch displays time, distance traveled, and heart rate. Heart rate can also be monitored outside of using the watch in its workout mode. An active GPS can also be enabled allowing the watch to track your path when running or walking. At the end of any workout, all stats are displayed on the watch including a map of your path. Using the Samsung Health app, all stats are saved and viewable via the app. The watch can also track your sleep automatically and will display your sleep stats. 

The watch is water resistant and will have no problem in the rain or with sweat. The watch can also be brought in the water for any swimmers, and has a corresponding swimming workout mode. 

Text messages show up clearly on the watch if notifications are enabled. Users have the ability to answer calls, text back, and do many other things depending on what apps they have linked with the watch.

The Galaxy  Watch Active 2 is an all around excellent watch. Whether it be used for intense workouts or for regular day to day usage, the Active 2 is for you. For the best prices, fastest shipping, and exceptional return policy, the Active 2 (R820 or R830) can be purchased at wirelessplace.com.
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