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OnePlus 9 Unlocked: A Sleek Alternative to Pricey Flagships

The OnePlus 9 - along with the OnePlus 9 Pro - is the latest flagship from a company that, while shifting its phone strategy to compete directly with other premium handsets, they kept struggling in one area: Cameras.

To counter this shortcoming, OnePlus has formed a three-year partnership with Hasselblad, the legendary photography firm, to develop the photo capabilities of its smartphones.

As much as the cameras have improved, the rest of the phone hasn't: the design is nearly identical to that of its immediate predecessor, the OnePlus 8T, from the positioning of the buttons to the display to the size, which is virtually identical to that of the OnePlus 8. The display hasn't altered, either, but the vivid 6.55-inch Full HD Plus resolution AMOLED display should not be underestimated. Covering the screen is Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5.

The 6.55” screen has a 120Hz refresh rate, which ensures that whether you're browsing applications or scrolling through your social feeds, you'll have a much smoother visual experience. This feature should also benefit games that support up to 120 fps.

The OnePlus 9 is powered by Qualcomm®'s latest Snapdragon™ 888 chipset. The RAM and Storage options (8GB/128GB & 12GB/256GB) are comparable to other flagship phones in its price range (most notably, the Samsung Galaxy S21).

According to Qualcomm® the latest flagship 8 series 5G platform transforms your device into a professional-quality camera, intelligent personal assistant, and elite gaming rig—all connected with truly global 5G multi-gigabit speeds for the premium experiences you deserve.

The Snapdragon™ 888 silicon includes Qualcomm®'s integrated X60 5G modem. You'll have no problem connecting with T-Mobile's 5G network, whether you buy your phone directly from the carrier or pick up an Unlocked Version.

The OnePlus 9 runs Android™ 11, as well as OnePlus’ OxygenOS 11 UI, presenting the usual combination of clean interface and helpful menu features.

The biggest addition with Oxygen OS 11, involves the latest version of the Turbo Boost memory-optimization feature. OnePlus says Turbo Boost 3.0 uses RAM compression and virtual RAM to let you keep 25% more apps open in the background compared to previous versions.

What the OnePlus 9 does better is charge its 4,500mAh battery remarkably quickly with its Warp Charge 65T charger, going from zero to 100% in 29 minutes. OnePlus can certainly teach other phone makers a thing or two concerning the phone's battery. OnePlus not only builds devices that typically last a long time, their devices also boasts the fastest charging speeds of any phone maker.

Ultimately, the OnePlus 9 delivers excellent performance and battery life for its price, while also improving its camera features, culminating in a serious value kit. The newest affordable flagship makes a compelling case for being the best phone at its price tier now that its major flaw has been tackled.

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