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The Best Features of Factory Unlocked Phones: Let's Take A Better Look!

Mobile gadget distributors and dealers alike have several reasons why they sell phones with factory unlocked features. In most cases, they want to sell a high volume of devices at lower prices and with lots of convenient features.

The question is, how can customers benefit from factory unlocked phone?

It's always smart to research the features of unlocked phones and check if they're suitable for your lifestyle before deciding to buy one. Manufacturers offer affordable deals on factory-unlocked phones, not because they have low value. The truth is, they're giving off the real deal with what you can actually get for the price you're willing to spend.

Factory Unlocked Phones: Will you get a better deal with its features?

Most factory-unlocked phones will still have the standard features available on carrier phones. The most characteristic feature on factory-unlocked phones is the ability to use a data network to send or receive data. With this function, the user will have the freedom to use the phone anywhere in the world. There will be no restrictions in terms of usability. Carrier phones may be able to use data networks in other places before they are unlocked.

Unlocked phones come with a host of additional features. A majority of them include the ability to use a GPS device to navigate through the phone. Other unlocked phones may allow users to access Google Maps or other mapping services.

When buying factory-unlocked phones, it's good to know the primary differences between various brands and models. You have to cross-reference the features of unlocked phones to make sure that your needs are met. 

Nonetheless, there are also several other features offered by carrier phones that aren't available on unlocked phones. So, if a user requires a specific feature from a carrier, it could take more careful consideration before deciding to buy a factory unlocked phone.

How to Check If a Phone is Unlocked

Unlocking your phone allows you to use a different sim card from a cellular

service provider. This can allow you to use different phone numbers at the same time with various carriers. Some unlocked phones have to change the sim card to make a phone more compatible with other carriers. They may also likely require some installation fees, but they are not as expensive as those for locked phones. When you consider the features of factory-locked phones, unlocked phones will probably be your best bet for a good quality phone for a reasonable price.

Anyone can manually check if the phone is unlocked or not. We'll get to that with a step by step process.

1) Check the Phone Settings

Android Phone:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click "Connections"
  • Click "Mobile Networks"
  • Click "Search"

If you see multiple carriers' results, then it's possible that your Android phone is unlocked.


  • Go to Settings
  • Click "Cellular"
  • Click "Cellular Data"

If "Cellular Data Network" appears on the list, it's possible that your iPhone is unlocked.

Important Note: This process is not 100% accurate. You may need to try other methods to certify that your phone is unlocked.

2) Check via the Sim Card

Features of Factory Unlocked Phones

Try inserting a new sim card from any carrier into the phone, whether it's an Android or iPhone. If it responds correctly with the sim card, then the phone is most likely unlocked. The number one indicator of a proper phone response to the sim card is the network connection. Check if you can call, send/receive messages, and use the mobile data feature with no restraints. Now, if you don't encounter any problem, your unlocked phone is at your disposal.

3) Check with the Carrier

Another method you can try to confirm if your phone is unlocked is by calling the carrier's customer service hotline. Their verification should provide the official status of your phone.

How to Unlock a Carrier-Locked Phone

Many people think that it is illegal to have their carrier phones unlocked, which is entirely untrue, especially when the contract has already ended. End of carrier contract means that you've already delivered complete payment for the phone, which entails full ownership. Since the phone is finally yours, you can decide to terminate the carrier features and restrictions if you choose to do so.

To unlock a phone, you need to have a specific device and a license from your service provider. To unlock a phone, you must also have a computer with a USB cable and a working PC. You will need to check your service provider's terms of service first to get a copy of their unlocking policy. The whole process may require the services of a professional.

Why Buy Factory Unlocked Phones?

If you decide to switch to an unlocked phone, you'll have a much easier time finding a newer brand and model that provides exactly what you need. 

You see, when you get a brand-new factory unlocked phone, you won't have to worry about the phone coming from a carrier-locked source. It means that there will be no need to decipher if the phone is locked within a carrier network's restrictions. You can immediately experience all the comfort you need from the extensive features of unlocked phones.

Plus if you are looking to save money on your cell phone bills, or just want to keep the device locked down, then it's definitely a great idea to switch to a brand-new factory unlocked phone.

Where to Buy Factory Unlocked Phones

Many people are always on the lookout for the latest cell phone models with newer features. But where can you get the most incredible cell phone deals? 

If you are looking to save money in buying your next smartphone, consider a factory unlocked model, which you can easily find in online retail stores.

Mobile gadget retailers usually offer discount prices if you purchase it online. Numerous sites allow you to search for the model you're eyeing on and bring up some of the top sellers who offer factory unlocked phones at unbeatable prices. The great thing about buying an unlocked phone online is that you can choose from the best deals available across the mobile phone industry.

Get the latest factory unlocked phones from the largest brands in the mobile industry! Browse here!

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